74th National Squash Championship, Much Better and Bigger

74th National Squash Championship
74th National Squash Championship

News from New Delhi said that the 74th Squash championship will be starting from August 23 to 26. And this will be held at the Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida. And this championship will have participants more than 550 and they will be from 25 states.

The highest-rated tournament of this championship is the seven-star championship and this will be held under the sponsorship of Squash Rackets Federations of India (SRFI) and the UP Squash Rackets organization.

The legend who is the highest-ranked Indian in the world is Joshna Chinappa, he is also participating in this championship. He is also the winner of the 2017 Asian Squash championships.

On Tuesday, at the launch of this event, this legend Chinappa said that “It’s pleasure to be part of HCL 74th National Squash Championships, which is being organized under the aegis of SRFI. Over the past few years, the sport has started getting recognized at a national level and that has led to a greater support system being created for players to pursue the sport seriously.”

He further said that “Indian players have now started making their presence felt at the international level as well, which is a significant achievement for this otherwise niche sport. At a personal level, the National is something I have been playing since the age of 12. Hence, I am looking forward to playing my best game and give a tough fight at this prestigious platform. It’s extremely delightful feeling. I haven’t been to the venue yet but what I have seen I can’t wait to.”

The details of this championship are that it will open for both men and women in different categories. And it includes Professional Coach also and over 35, 40, 45, 50, 55. And over 60 is only for men. The players who will get the prize money will be the top eight players among men, women, and Professional Coach Categories. Only the top player will get the ranking points.

The other top player Saurav Ghosal will also participate in this championships so, this is the good news for the fans of this star. He is ranked at number 1 this year in the Senior National men’s division.

So, the lovers of the Squash be ready to see your favorite players and favorite game because it’s near to start.