AceBounce Debuts Newest Attraction ‘Wonderball’


A ground-breaking social entertainment brand, AceBounce introduced Wonderball, converts an ordinary ping-pong table into an interactive gaming experience. Wonderball’s surface turns into a gaming screen that responds to the ball and cooperates with the gamers utilizing a digital projector and mapping technology. AceBounce founded by Adam Breeden and Dov Penzik.  The newest attraction offers three visually enhanced and three traditional gaming experiences.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AceBounce, Adam Breeden said that the philosophy at AceBounce is to surpass desires in everything to continually enhance, the gathering intends to make a new experience. By 2020, the organization hopes to hold fast in 20 new areas over the globe.

Adam Breeden communicated that the company can incorporate a more prominent scope of ideas in various domains. Presently it is expecting to put up more ideas for sale to the public within this fast-growing category. The company searching for Emerging Concepts for their US extension.

Chief Executive Officer at Emerging Concepts, Mathew Focht said that Emerging Concepts to grow the most creative entertainment company in the United States. AceBounce Founder Adam Breeden and Social Entertainment Concepts are likewise behind the ideas Flight Club opening in Chicago in 2018 and Puttshack.