Anup Kumar Does Not Want to Leave U-Mumba Due to His Love for Mumbai and Affection Given by Mumbaikar

Anup Kumar U-Mumba Pro Kabaddi
Anup Kumar U-Mumba Pro Kabaddi

Anup Kumar said to Lokamat (News Publication in Maharashtra) “This season is very special. I am originally from Haryana and will play against Haryana for the first time in the league. Initially, I wanted to play Haryana, but till now I do not want to leave Mumbai due to my love for Mumbai. Because of the affection given by Mumbaikar, I consider myself Mumbaikar,”

The fifth season of the pro kabaddi season begins on 28th July, while four new teams have entered the competition. It includes Haryana also. Asked about this, he said, “Of course, as captain, I have a desire to play with Haryana. But ultimately this game is and this happens in the game. In the national tournament, I have played against Haryana in the presence of Delhi, so the match against Haryana will be similar to other matches for me.”

Anup said about the changed team after the auction process, “After the team changes, everything changes accordingly. Right now the team is good and we believe in the coach. Moreover, we have 6-7 senior players who can play in any situation. Similarly, this year we conducted the training camp in Dehradun. The atmosphere here benefited us a lot. Practicing low oxygen makes it easier for us to focus more on fitness.”