ARA Increases Game Engine Technology


Gaming is all about simulation. Most gaming technologies useful to simulate real-world challenges. Applied Research Associates has been expanding game engine technology for over a decade. The company is responsible to create high-fidelity synthetic virtual environments as well as 3D interactive learning solutions.

Company’s activity ranges consist of Virtual Reality, a computer-based, simulated 3D environment for Augmented Reality and Virtual Worlds platforms; Simulations for Learning; Terrain Modeling and more.

Its portfolio incorporates an extensive variety of advancements for the military division, for example, a Layered Terrain Format for proficient condition information exchange and some more. Connected Research Associates offers a calamity preparing framework for specialists on call; An entire world, multi-echelon continuous immersive simulations stage named Globe, for preparing and recreations anyplace around the globe, seeing the world for the administration area.

The Orlando office of Virtual Heroes has been working with the Army people group for more than ten years. The Virtual Heroes Division has won different honors for its simulations, genuine diversions and 3D virtual universes utilizing amusement motor innovation to give intuitive learning arrangements.