Former NFL Superstar Johnny Manziel Looks to Shine in Spring League


It has been eight hundred and thirty-two days Johnathan Paul Manziel played a football game but now coming with big bang entry. Johnathan Manziel to put his troubled behind and taking part in Spring League in Austin and trying to prove he belongs back in NFL. The Spring League will be played from March 28 to April 13 in Austin.

Johnathan Manziel all set for his comeback in Spring League and it’s a huge step for him after being written off for so long. The long-embattled former NFL quarterback Johnathan back on the football field for his first game in more than two years.

Johnathan Manziel said, “I am very happy and quite excited about the league.”

The 25-year-old talent just one touchdown in this Spring League game in Austin getting sacked in few times but receiving a lot of prays as he makes a play for another chance at the pros.  After failing to live up expectations and the serious struggle of the field including domestic violence, the team cut Johnathan Manziel before the end of his second season in 2016.

In February Manziel shared his troubled past but after rehab and lot of self-reflection, he says he is a new man taking medication for bipolar disorder and ready to play again.

Johnathan Manziel said, “I have repaired a lot of relationships that needed work and lot of myself that needed a lot of work. I am able to run back on the field.” Further, he added, “something I didn’t know if I’d ever get a chance to do again. So, it’s disappointing in some of the things that happened but nevertheless, this is a huge step for me”.

After another spring league game later, this week he says he hopes to get interested from the NFL. If not, he says he will likely to play Canadian Football League.


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