Former Pakistani Batsman Ramiz Raja Wants Test Window


According to the London news the former Pakistani batsman Ramiz Raja has advised the International Cricket Council to set a two-month window exclusively for the Test matches. And this is for the preservation of the longest form of the game.

In England the crowds for the Test cricket is strong. Ramiz Raja is the member of the influential MCC world cricket committee and he has the fear that Asia is “dwindling” but thanks partly to the rise of well-paid domestic Twenty20 competitions such as the Indian Premier League.

Ramiz Raja said after a committee meeting at Lord’s on Tuesday, “I feel that ICC has a decent plan in the shape of the World Test Championship.” “There should be a window for that and everything else should stop for a period of two months so the best players are available to play Test cricket.”

“It’s got to get better. In Asia, for example, because of poor Test match scheduling, the interest is dwindling. When you go back home you are never sure if you are going to have one-Test series, a two-test series or whether you are going to have a Test series at all,” he added.

He said that the national governing bodies such as Pakistan Cricket Board and the Indian Cricket Board had to play their part in this regard.

Ramiz Raja insisted that “You have to acknowledge and respect the status of the Test match cricket and it has to come from the cricket boards, in Asia specifically. For example, MS Dhoni retired from Test cricket yet got the A-grade contract from the BCCI, Shahid Afridi retired from Test cricket yet got the A-grade contract from PCB.”

He added, “It is under a lot of stress in Asia but if we have a properly planned Test match championship, that’s the way out of this, otherwise we will be struggling to put aside as much money as is available for the T20 leagues.”

So, it’s time for the governing bodies to take solid steps towards the Test matches because this is the advice of the experienced man Ramiz Raja.