InventHelp Invents Golf Bag Finder


A leading inventor service company, InventHelp invented Golf Bag Finder ensures that a golfer does not misplace expensive clubs. The company developed a new type of the golf accessory submitting to the companies for review purpose.

Over the thirty years, the company has corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company started in 1984, maintains the biggest network of regional sales offices in Germany, US, Canada, Australia.

GBF’s inventor said that the golf profession is the backbone which turns thought into the actual implementation. Most of the time golf club falls out of a bag without the owner realizing. The invention prevents such things from happening.

When a club travels a distance from the golf bag, the golf bag finder alerts the golfer and prevents a golfer from losing clubs. The golfer feels relax by knowing his clubs will not be misplaced. The creative and unique model succumbed to the InventHelp’s Hollywood office, presently accessible for licensing or manufacturers. The company assists to submit new product ideas to the industry.