New Technological Trends for Sports Sector in 2017


As the time changes everything is changing and no doubt required changes also. So, there are many innovations made in the sector of sports also. There are many interesting ways introduced of generating results and much more, so, have a look at some of the major innovations in the sports sector.

Wearable tech diversifies

A new trend is set out in the year 2016 and it growth increases in the year 2017 is the wearable technology on the training ground. Halo, a US. Startup invents a pair of headphones through which a person brain part is stimulated and he/she learns better through repetition. According to the Forbes on the wearable technology, a net worth of $34 billion will be spent by the year 2020.

More connected stadiums

The expectations of fans have been changed so the idea of the connected and smart stadium is introduced. And in the near future fans will be able to order food to their seat, directed to the toilet in shortest line and much more just through a mobile app.

VR and AR to see real world applications

VR and AR are making new plans in gaming and entertainment. This technology has the power to bring the fans near to the game and it will make it more interesting.

Streaming to become smarter

The present streaming of the sports needed to change and it is changing in the way that renowned providers changed their way and provide personalized content of athletes and about games to make the stream interesting and to involve many viewers.

TUE scrutiny Means team needs Tech

Calls for the use of TUE will likely to answer and inquiry over their use with the passage of time will increase across sports. So in the coming years, the athletes and the teams will be forced to achieve negligible advantages as the playing field is further leveled. Very few of the athletes are against the TUE scrutiny but most of them are in the favor of this Tech. TUE means Therapeutic Use Exemptions.