Polana Hercog Happy to Make it Till 3rd Round In Wimbledon


News from London describes that Polana Hercog claims an impressively tattooed right arm with a mind as the centerpiece but the even melodramatic image wasn’t enough to save her at Wimbledon on Saturday.

This young and talented 26-year-old Slovenian, who grazes an amazing and impressive figure at 6ft, slumped to a 6-4, 0-0 defeat against two-time Grand Slam winner Svetlana Kuznetsova. But her game on the court wasn’t made an impression, her ink work certainly had fans mesmerized.

This lady from Doha Polana Hercog has tattoos which cover her entire right arm and also the forearm of the left.

The Doha-based Hercog has tattoos covering her entire right arm and the forearm of the left. She told AFP that “There are roses, there’s half a woman’s face, a wing and also a skull.” “I chose the skull because I like the image. Sometimes I think it’s part of me. But some people think it makes me look scary. I only look like that on the court because I am very tall. It’s a good thing to have on the court.”

“Some of the other girls say they could never do it. Others say they really like them, others ask me if it hurts. Of course, it does!”

Her rivals may be happy to learn that Hercog before a sequence of grievances pushed her down to her current 265, isn’t planning to add to her personal art collection.

She said about her artwork on the arm that “I think one arm is plenty for now.”

She self-confessed that she had initially wanted to prance Wimbledon to play more small-scale clay events in Europe, buoyed by having won a $60, 000 event at Brescia in Italy.

“I wasn’t planning to play on grass this season. It was a last-minute decision to come here.” “It was a good decision. After all the injuries. I have had its great way to come back.”

Her bank account was also boosted by her progress. Before Wimbledon, she just made under $20, 000 in 2017 but that has now been augmented by a cheque for $116, 000.

She said, “If you had told me I would have made the third round, I would have taken that.”