Pro Kabaddi 2017 – Puneri Paltan Beat U-Mumba 33-21


The opening day of VIVO Pro Kabaddi saw two contrasting matches. In Zone B, Rahul Chaudhari’s Telugu Titans scored heavily in their raids to take out a young Tamil Thalaivas outfit, whereas in Zone A, Puneri Paltan excelled in defence and the experienced U Mumba raiders found it difficult to make inroads.

“Today none of our players played well. In fact, our performance was below average. We were behind and playing catch-up from minute one. It was a complete failure.” These were the expressions of a flattened U Mumba chief Anup Kumar who was surrendered to the truth more than ever. His group were battered for the aggregate of 40 minutes by Puneri Paltan in a 21-33 overcome. For each progression forward U Mumba took, Pune reacted by taking two in a matter of moments.

Anup Kumar U-Mumba
Anup Kumar U-Mumba

In the second Season of Pro Kabaddi League, a save U Mumba side had easily beaten Puneri Paltan to make it four wins out of four. In the following effort, Pune had a substantially more grounded group and had beaten practically everybody separated from U Mumba, who vanquished them in two close diversions in spite of trailing generally in the second one. It was just in Season 4 that Pune, when had a superior outfit than Mumbai, enlisted their first prevail upon their Maharashtra rivals. In spite of the bay in quality, the battling Mumbai side which neglected to make the play-offs additionally, figured out how to get one over Pune in the second amusement.

Having made a propensity for putting resistance groups — so frequently Pune — to the sword in the course of the last four seasons, U Mumba were forced to bear a rampaging and heartless Puneri Paltan, who at one point on Friday undermined to run wild. One would normally connect this with the Mumbai furnish where a durable guarded unit cuts down well known marauders freely, as their own particular bandits cull away focuses from the flip side, to leave the restriction groups in all out confuse.

On Friday, it wasn’t the situation. Truth be told Puneri Paltan, who were once U Mumba’s most loved casualties, gave them their very own essence prescription.

Not at all like U Mumba, who were reliant on their thieves to win them the amusement regardless of their powerless safeguard, Puneri Paltan had an adjusted favor dangers rising up out of all parts of the tangle. Having a decent mix of all-rounders, they had more players with cautious capacities to stop the abundantly fancied U Mumba assault.

Deepak Hooda Puneri Paltan
Deepak Hooda Puneri Paltan

Prior to the season started, Mumbai mentor Bhaskaran Edachery had said he needed the quartet of Anup, Kashiling Adake, Shabeer Bapu and Nitin Madane — every one of the four pro marauders — to lead the charge for the group by consistently winning focuses on their attacks so their protection doesn’t feel the weight to score focuses.

In any case, Pune had different thoughts. They knew keeping the U Mumba bandits calm was a certain shot course to triumph as it would enable their pillagers to put serious weight on the Mumbai safeguard and compel botches out of them. As the diversion worked out, they did precisely that.

“We have three unadulterated protectors in our side, and Deepak (Hooda) and Sandeep (Narwal) are all-rounders. This implied we had enough players with great cautious capacities on the tangle. We needed to make full utilization of it. The arrangement was to assault the bandits, before they undermined us,” Puneri Paltan mentor BC Ramesh clarified after the diversion.

U Mumba Vs Puneri Paltan
U Mumba Vs Puneri Paltan

Pune’s guard chased in packs. Their development and coordination on the tangle was consistent. They enabled the Mumbai thieves to score only 11 attack focuses. In any case, the glaring measurement was that out of those 11, just six were touch focuses. The rest were rewards that the Pune group offered the U Mumba marauders once they built up a sound lead. This demonstrated the degree to which the Pune protection commanded the U Mumba looters.

In the main half, Pune had a 100 percent achievement rate in handles, winning each of the eight that they made. The Mumbai bandits were never given whenever to get into the furrow. By the interim, Pune’s guard had all the energy.

Aside from Anup, who scored five assault focuses, other best plunderers like Adake and Bapu bombed pitiably. The previous scored only one point in seven strikes while the last secured two of every 12. In spite of the fact that Pune couldn’t keep up their 100 percent handle achievement rate till the finish of the amusement, they made 15 fruitful handles at stunning strike rate of 78.94.

Rajesh Mandal - Puneri Paltan
Rajesh Mandal – Puneri Paltan

U Mumba’s cautious numbers were a distinct difference. They scored only seven handle focuses, three out of which originated from Anup, who is principally a plunderer. Joginder Narwal, Hadi Oshtorak and Kuldeep Singh, who should bear the duty of the guarded office made only three effective handles in 11 matches.

It created the impression that the Puneri Paltan group had been playing together for a considerable length of time before the match rather than U Mumba, who resembled a squad gathered minutes before the begin.

“Sandeep (Narwal) and I, Dharmaraj (Cheralathan) and (Rajesh) Mondal every one of us have played a considerable measure of kabaddi together. We fraternize in national camps, so we know each other’s amusement. For us it was anything but difficult to consolidate,” Pune’s skipper Deepak Hooda said after the diversion.

“What was key for us today that even our thieves like Mondal and More were included while guarding. They likewise scored a few focuses in protection. With the goal that’s the reason you saw such a decent show from us. It was an entire collaboration,” he included.

Sandeep was the star for Pune on the night, as his deadly blend of vitality and animosity pegged Mumbai back. Scoring six focuses, he ensured Anup didn’t do U Mumba of peril all without anyone else. He rejected Anup twice in the match, and his essence implied there was no escape course for their opponents. The previous Patna Pirates star was likewise helpful amid the strikes, scoring two focuses and keeping up the weight on Mumbai’s resistance.

Puenri Paltan - Pro Kabaddi Season 5
Puenri Paltan – Pro Kabaddi Season 5

Discussing Pune’s outright safeguards, their scores made a pretty perusing. Cheralathan scored four, Girish Ernak and Ravi Kumar scored three each. It demonstrated how Pune chased as a group, as opposed to the focuses coming on account of exclusive’s heroics.

Significantly youth More, who was chosen in front of Rohit Kumar Choudhari, made a fine showing with regards to. He got focuses from essential assaults and didn’t enable Mumbai to target him.

So following quite a while of getting trounced, Puneri Paltan turned the tables on U Mumba. While the outcome leaves bounty to consider for Anup Kumar and Co, it places Pune in an extraordinary outlook in front without bounds matches.

“There is a whole other world to originate from us. Anticipate that our safeguard will this in each round of the season. There will be no easing up,” cautioned Hooda as he left. On the off chance that what he said really happens, expect this pillaging Puneri Paltan side to go the distance, much the same as how U Mumba have in, what one must state, were their prime.