Ravi Shastri Comments about Mahendra Singh Dhoni


On Saturday, in Colombo, the Indian head coach Ravi Shastri dispersed suspicions about Mahendra Singh Dhoni future. He said that stalwart is not even “half finished yet” and is very much in the organization of things for the 2019 World Cup in England.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been in top form in the presently ODI series against Sri Lanka, he scored unbeaten 67, 45, and 49 during his last three innings including the one he played in his 30th ODI on Thursday.

Shastri said that the India is set on the path of research and revolution ahead of the 2019 World Cup but the 36-year-old Dhoni remains firmly in their plans.

Shastri said about Dhoni: “MS Dhoni is a massive influence on the team. He is a living legend in the dressing room and an ornament to the game. By no means or by any stretch of imagination he is finished or even half finished yet.”

He further added: “If anyone thinks so, they are mistaken and they have another one coming. There are in for some surprises. The old dog has plenty to offer.”

The awesome remarks by the coach about MS Dhoni are that he said Dhoni remains the best wicketkeeper in the country by some distance.

He asked about MS Dhoni: “He is the best in the country. Would you look to replace Sunil Gavaskar when he was 36 years old or Sachin Tendulkar when he was 36? Dhoni is still the best in the business, so what is the need to even entertain those thoughts.”

He also recommended the selectors decision to keep as the primary criterion for selection in this process. And he said that there will no compromise on fitness.

Shastri sovereignty as full-time coach has seen a winning start for team India as they won a second sequential Test series in Sri Lanka and now have already enfolded up the ODI series in dominant style. The coach though has his highlights firmly on the overseas schedule coming up.

So, Dhoni is the best man for Indian team and he is appreciated by his coach also. MS Dhoni has bright future and he is still best for the future of the Indian team according to his coach.