Shaquem Griffin to Join NFL


A 22-year-old and one-handed American football player, Shaquem Griffin had been picked to join in the fifth round of the National Football League. Shaquem Griffin reuniting his twin brother Shaquill, a Seahawks defensive back selected in the third-round last year.

The greatest moment of the NFL took place at Dallas hotel room and the American football player was in tears as he was waiting to hear his name. When Shaquem was just four-year-old his hand was amputated which meant his left hand had not fully developed.

Griffin said, “I don’t want to be a guy who’s just a feel-good story. I want to be a football player, and a good one at that.”

Griffin’s friends as well as family member cheered, jumped up when reports confirmed his name as an NFL player. Griffin said, “I hope I am an inspiration for people, to see I can do whatever I want. I haven’t seen anything I couldn’t do. I’m never going to let someone put a label on me.”

Griffin stunned at the NFL Combine trials in March. One-handed player bench-pressed 102 kg (225 pounds) 20 times with a prosthetic hand, also covered the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds.

Griffin’s physicality along with competitiveness has made it difficult for players with a disability to be considered but his attitudes could be set to change.