Squash Champion Nick Matthew is Near to Retire


The ideal of many squash lovers and three-time world squash champion has announced his retirement at the end of coming season. Yes, none other than the awesome player of squash Nick Matthew is going to retire. Sad news for his fans that they will not able to see their great player in next season.

This young and talented squash player is 37-year-old. He is targeting to win a third Commonwealth Games singles gold in the month of April and then aims to end his career at the British Open later in the season of spring.

About the decision of his retirement, Nick Matthew said: “It’s not sad; I’m really excited by the opportunity in my last season. I’ve had three worlds Commonwealth and British Open titles, so hopefully, I can get a fourth of one of those.”

“What a way to finish, in my home country, one of the most traditional titles in squash. Looking back, I’m so privileged to have met so many people and shared so many memories along the way,” he added.

He was awarded an OBE in 2015 for his services to the sport and he said he will be “involved in squash forever” by the process of making academies in the US and UK. He finished his career by saying great thanks to his fans for their “amazing support” throughout his 20-year career.

Nick said that squash is the sport which does not miss the chance of Olympic presence despite the rise of less outmoded sports such as skateboarding and sports climbing.

He has great love and affection for squash and said about it that, “Squash can’t be ignored forever. It has that gladiatorial feel and is called the world’s healthiest sport. It ricks all the Olympic values and its inclusion is something we should still striving towards.”

He added “The fact that squash isn’t an Olympic sport means we have to really work to grow it. It’s a concern we have to fight hard against and it’s also something I’d like to help with when I retire.”

For the advancement of the squash, he said: “I would love to be a figurehead to help get the sport back into schools and the mainstream market and stop losing courts to the gym and other activities.”