Swain Basketball Academy Launches New Training Center in Buckhead


Founder of the Swain Basketball Academy, Robert Swain broadcasted its new training center in Buckhead. Robert Swain is a passionate trainer, transforming athletes into professional players. He is working with girls and boys with the age of 5 to university. The main objective of the academy is to make a bridge for the students desire to participate in high school sports program and professional sports.

Swain is a three-time National AAU champ with the Atlanta Celtics. At the time of Tri-Cities High School, he averaged eight rebounds and five assists. Swain committed to the University of Connecticut and rounded out a recruiting class that Caron Butler and Johnnie Selvie, Scott Hazelton. Swain then transferred to the College of Charleston. He played two seasons for the Cougars before graduating and then finally playing professionally in Europe.

Regrettably, he landed in the two years of internment. Swain was unable to accept the offer he had to go back to Europe and continue to play ball because of the United States’ probation rules. Swain had a chance to think about his life while incarcerated. Taking advice from past coaches he decided to focus on the long-term plan, which helps him to come out of trouble. He drew up his business plans for the Swain Basketball Academy determined to change his life and started a player development and basketball team while incarcerated.

The Swain Basketball Academy accepting the challenge of transforming athletes to the individual professional player by giving professional training, basketball camps and so on. Swain’s passion drives the success.



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