Virat Kohli Refuses to Advertise Pepsi

Virat Kohli refuses to advertise Pepsi
Virat Kohli refuses to advertise Pepsi

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli has given a jolt to Pepsi. Virat has been associated with Pepsi for six years. Now he refused to advertise Pepsi. Virat said, “If I myself won’t consume such things, I won’t urge others to consume it, just because I am getting money out of it. Virat Said – “How can I tell people to eat anything – just to earn money?” Such a question has become overwhelming.

While clarifying on the non-advertisement of Pepsi, he said, “I can not attach myself to the things I had accepted before, which I did not want to mention.”

The impact on the health and the risks associated with sugar and carbonated drinks are the subject of discussion, and Virat Kohli has taken this decision. Virat Kohli has been associated with Pepsi for six years. Pepsi has expressed his desire to continue with the deal, and the contract ended. Kohli is currently associated with 18 brands, which include brands such as MRF Tires, Tissot, Puma Sports Gear, Colgate Oral Care, and Audi Cars.

Virat Kohli, who is playing in the ICC Champions Trophy in England, has said, “When I started my fitness turnaround, in the initial days it was a big thing than my lifestyle. But if something is different then I do not want to be a part of it ‘.