Virendra Sehwag Hated Team Meetings The Most – R. Ashwin


Ashwin revealed how this former Indian opener used to stay behind closed doors when it came to formulating team plans.

India’s one-time explosive batsman Virender Sehwag is currently entertaining cricket fans in social media and as a commentator. Meanwhile, Veeru’s unanimous team-mate Ravichandran Ashwin has revealed a major breakthrough in the spirit of Sehwag.
 Veeru does not like team mating altogether. Ashwin also said that he does not like to play as per plan decided in the meeting. Ashwin said about 2011 World Cup, “The Sehwag and team meetings have never matched, he did not like to participate in the team meeting, and he did not like to play according to the strategy set by the team,”.
Ashwin revealed yet another interesting aspect of Viru. “Viru, who was tired of participating in a team meeting, once expressed his desire to talk to coach Gary Kirsten at the meeting, everyone said that Viru will talk about the strategy in the match, but Viru talked about the extra passes given to the players in the meeting and threatened to not play the match if he did not get extra passes.