World XI Tour to Pakistan – A Good Step for the Pakistan Cricket


The new phase of cricket is open in Pakistan as the World XI is ready to play in Pakistan. The ICC Chief Executive Officer Dave Richardson feels that World XI’s tour to Pakistan escorts a new start for international cricket to come back to the country.

In a news conference at Lahore Dave Richardson said: “The World XI tour will send out a positive message to the world cricket community that the security situation in Pakistan has improved and satisfactory.”

The game has started and the World XI whose captain is the South African captain Faf du Plessis played their first T20 International on Tuesday at the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore against Pakistan.

The tour of World XI is backed by the International Cricket Council, and it will bear all the expenses for the visit of security specialists to Pakistan to confirm the security arrangements for the whole series. Dave made it clear that if everything went according to the plan, ICC could plan future events in Pakistan.

He said: “Pakistan is an unavoidable part of the International cricket community and the Pakistani people are very passionate about the game. The ICC is very serious about reviving international cricket in the country and we are happy the first step has been taken with the World XI tour.”

And the other point which is highlighted by the ICC official that has they said that security issue is global apprehension it is not just limited to Pakistan.

He said: “There are security concerns in other sports as well in the world. We decided to support this tour after a very positive report by Giles Clarke.”

Giles Clarke domes the ICC’s special task force on Pakistan cricket and has been given a royal treatment while visiting Lahore with the World XI team.

The officials of ICC made it clear that the revival of the international cricket in Pakistan will take some time because the tours by ICC member nations would all be linked to the usual security condition in the country. But this is sure that the most loved game by the Pakistani people will come back to their country.

He further said: “It is a step by step process and will take time. But the first step has been taken with this tour.”

He added that if Pakistan Super League matches are played in Pakistan it would increase the confidence and trust of the international cricket community that security situation is safe in Pakistan.