A college student was abducted and gang-raped by three men in India’s northern Haryana state while she was going to her coaching class, AFP reported.

According to the police reports, the girl who was a 19-year-old girl was waiting for her bus at a bus stop when the three men allegedly kidnapped, drugged and raped her.

The accused drove her to fields near Jhajjar border where they along with their accomplices gang-raped her. The girl claims that at least a dozen men raped her. They later dumped the unconscious girl at the same bus stop from where they abducted her. The accused then called her family to inform them their daughter was lying unconscious at the bus stop.

Police also mentioned that the girl had known the three accused. They belong to the same village the girl belongs to.

“She knows the three accused as they are from the same village. They are on the run at the moment,” Anirudh Kumar, a local police official told media.

Haryana is a rural and conservative state being run by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

“Our prime minister says save your daughter and educate them, how can we do that?” the mother of the victim said while talking to the reporters on Friday referring to the 2015 campaign launched by Modi in Haryana state with the name “Save your daughters, Educate your daughters”.

“All we want is justice for our daughter.” She mentions at end of her talk.

Sexual violence is a serious problem in India. Only in 20116, nearly 40,000 rape cases were reported while many go unreported.

In 2012, a gang rape and murder case of a Delhi student sparked nationwide protests against the increasing rape cases in Delhi and the other parts of the country.