New York: The amazing and the most loved player of the football Cristiano Ronaldo stays on the top of the Forbes magazine’s list of the 100-highest athletes. This is his second continuous year that he is on the top of the Forbes magazine list of richest athletes.   

He is 32-year-old player of the football and he is from Portugal and he is from Real Madrid team. According to Forbes, he earned a total of the US$93 million. His football salary is US$58 million and the endorsement income is US$35 million.

This is his second year that he still on the top of the Forbes magazine list of richest athletes. This list was released on Wednesday. And before this list was released he got a victory of 4-1 over Juventus and that made the Real Madrid the first one team to retain the UEFA Champions League title.

The Forbes magazine figure about the athletes includes salaries, prize money and bonuses earned between June 1, 2016, and June 1, 2017. Well, the endorsement’s incomes are the estimate of the sponsorships given to the athletes and their appearance fees and the licensing incomes for the same 12-month period. It is also based on the conversations with the industry insiders.

The other player who remains their position on the Forbes list is the James, and his estimated earnings are US$86.2 million. He was one of the 32 NBA players who made up the top 100-up from last 18 years. Wow, the amazing fact about this player is that he was and he is on the top 100 from last 18 years, lucky man he is and wealthy man also.

He took the second place from the Lionel Messi who is the Argentine footballer. And now Messi is on the third place with the worth estimated $80 million. And the Tennis star Roger Federer who has the estimated worth of US$64 million and the Golden State Warriors guard Kevin Durant who has the estimated worth US$60.6 million take the place at number five. And the last year they were also at number five so, they hold their position this year also.

The only women athlete who stands at number 51 in the overall list of the Forbes magazine is the Serena Williams who is the 23 times Grand Slam winner. Her estimated net worth is US$19 million. But at the top of the list is Cristiano Ronaldo.