Early reports from Spain claim that Cristiano Ronaldo has asked to leave Real Madrid.A well renowned Spanish football media company ( MARCA ) has claimed that Ronaldo is furious upon the reports saying that Spanish prosecutors have lodged a case in Madrid court saying that he has manipulated the government by not paying a certain amount of tax in the past.

Reportedly Ronaldo has already met the club president and conveyed his decision to leave the club and his decision is irreversible.In the past many football players like Lionel messi, Javier mascherano were found guilty in tax allegations and had to pay fine in order to avoid serving jail time.

However if the latest reports are to be believed the amount of tax Ronaldo has skipped paying adds upto £15 million.Ronaldo was recently crowned as the richest athlete in the world by Forbes magazine.

Ronaldo has humongous following on social media platforms and everyone were shell stocked after hearing the initial reports.As soon as the reports emerged everyone were in disbelief upon Ronaldo’s decision to leave RMCF. They were recently won the uefa champions league.

Ronaldo has already met with a journalist from ‘Deportes cuatro’ and clarified that this decision was not taken in a hurry and was not influenced by anyone and has also stated that he has a ‘clear conscience’ about his decision.

The club has also shown it’s full support to their talisman who led them to champions league glory and is favorite to win his 5th balon d’or equalling the record set by his rival Lionel messi from FC Barcelona.When Lionel messi was in a similar situation with tax allegations and was proven guilty. He was charged with 21 month imprisonment.

However the laws in Spain are different from the rest of the world. A person can escape imprisonment if he sentenced for less that 24 months. But has to pay a certain amount of fine that is charged by the court.

We need to wait and see for any consolidated information regarding the allegations that are being made on Real Madrid’s hero Cristiano Ronaldo.