Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC)

Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) Market report begins with a basic overview of the industry lifecycle, definitions, classifications, applications, and industry chain structure and all these together will help leading players understand scope of the Market, what characteristics it offers, and how it will fulfill customer’s requirements. Moreover, it simplifies Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) industry threats, opportunities, growth outlook, Market driving forces, challenges, and recommendations from industrial experts.

“Electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) are energy storage devices that have higher capacitance than other capacitors or batteries. Compared with batteries, these devices have higher power capacity, longer life cycle, and faster charging options. Instead of conventional dielectrics, EDLCs have two plates that are separated by electrolytes. These plates are layers of the same substrate. The electrical properties of these plates help to separate the charge effectively, which even highly thin physical layers cannot do. The absence of heavy dielectric materials in EDLCs eases the packaging with a larger surface area resulting in high capacitance. EDLCs can generate capacitance values in farads instead of microfarads and picofarads, which are the measurement units for capacitance.”

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Top Key Players of Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) Market: Maxwell Technologies, Murata Manufacturing, Nesscap Energy, NEC TOKIN, Nippon Chemi-Con, Panasonic, and Skeleton Technologies, APowerCap Technologies, Axion Power, batScap, Cellergy, CAP-XX, EEStor, Enable IPC, Evans Capacitor, EPCOS, ELNA, IOXUS, LS Mtron, Nichicon, Supreme Power Solutions, Tecate, VINATech, and Yunasko.

Competitive Landscape

Global Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) market is booming into the Semiconductor & Electronics sector with a CAGR of 9.37% at present era.The Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) Report analyses competition among the key manufacturers, industry growth and market scenario. The Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) Market consist of various players operating in the market including large scale and medium size manufacturers. The key market players operating in the Global Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) are competing amongst each other in terms of product differentiation.

The Global Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) report offers the most up-to-date industry data on the actual and potential Market situation, segmentation, regional breakdowns and future outlook. The Electric Double-layer Capacitor (EDLC) Market research includes historic data from 2013–2017 and forecasts up to 2021.

Key regions: APAC, EMEA, Americas

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Market Driver
• Long life cycle
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Market Challenge
• High initial expense
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Market Trend
• Growing adoption of graphene and carbon nanotube EDLCs
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