Electric Self-Warming Jackets Could Warm Athletes at Olympics


    Athletes around the world must steel themselves for winds that will whip from Siberia and Manchurian Plain as the current year’s diversion will prone to be the coldest Olympics. Engineers and designers need to keep athletes warm in intensive temperature. Through electric self-warming jackets and fabrics, USA team hopes to overcome record-setting chills.

    On the other hand, Ralph Lauren, American brand outfitting team, was up against the most daunting challenge. Both the event will take place at the coldest location, open-air Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium. Chief innovation officer at Ralph Lauren, David Lauren stated that the temperature is at the high end and the team eyes on wearable technology as the solution on both.

    Electric self-warming jackets are designed to offer warmth to athletes for 11 hours. By pushing button on a slim lithium-ion battery pack, athletes will activate their jackets and ready for the game. The technology derived from heated car seats for the Ralph Lauren Olympic apparel.

    Athletes outfitted with innovative and unique designs that will provide warmth at cold temperature. A senior director and engineer of materials innovation, Mark Cumiskey stated that once the athletes wear jackets it will absorb and retains body heat that will be important right before the race.

    An aerospace engineer and director of integrated technologies, Chris Yu impressed with the innovative technology. He stated that it offers athletes faster speeds for the same amount of exertion and technology could help them to bring gold at home.