Evander Holyfield Endorses AriseBank


    Four-time World Heavyweight and a legendary Boxer Evander Holyfield support AriseBank. The bank is decentralized which states it’s never hosted in their data center. AriseBank features one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms and it is hosted on the user’s mobile devices and desktop.

    Holyfield’s move entirely focuses on the digital finance which brings the power of banking in the people hands. Soon, the declaration will receive grand for the creation of a digital currency endowment fund using graphene technology.

    The latest Holyfield’s endorsement is a great opportunity for AriseBank as it previously received some exciting announcement. The bank handshakes with BitShares and Cryptonomex to offer real-time delivery of financial products as well as services. Now, people will be ready to take the ride of the entirely different financial system which is fast and designed to boosts business in future.

    AriseBank looking forward to launching 1,100 digital asset ATMs worldwide which will build the bridge between traditional finance and new digital economy. AriseBank declared that it has signed a deal with the assured bank.

    AriseBank eyes on bringing clients as well as cryptocurrencies, also industry still working to bring cryptocurrency for the average consumer. And the entire team delighted to welcome world’s fabulous and respected athletes.