According to latest updates from India vs England cricket, Bumrah brought India close to victory. This was after a second test match whereby India was facing England. This was made possible after Jasprit Bumrah did his magic after super bowling the rod. According to the reports, the Indian team never blinked on the field. The reports stated that India took all the initiatives in providing a clean win. However, England on the other side never gave their best shot. From the gameplay, India took all the chance they had to ensure a win in their contest.

However, after the third test, England had 161 & 311/9 against India 329, 352/7. From this India need just 1 wicket to win in the Nottingham match. Buttler 106, Bumrah 5/85, Stokes 62. From the above statistics, Bumrah displayed an outstanding performance following his has been fined 20 times in his entire matches. According to sports analysis, this was the best performance considering that he was a comeback person in this match.

Rahul, on the other hand, waited for an opportunity of turning the match. More so, Rahul turned up the match with assistance from Bumrah into a win against England. The match was expected to turn out the opposite of what was seen in the field. According to previous reports and analysis, England was considered to have the best team in cricket. Nevertheless, the defense system shown by England in the last 5 consecutive years showed that India did not stand a chance on winning this game.

This was unexpected. Winning the match was not only an achievement but also a success which India never thought of. Bumrah did the magic on swinging the bat at the angled position to ensure a perfect hit. From the game results, it was clear that Bumrah and Rahul held themselves perfectly throughout the match ensuring a clean and perfect win for India. Bumrah said that he had confidence from the start till the end of the match. This courage and confidence are what motivated him in doing the magic he did during the match Third test match against England.