FIFA U-17 Football World Cup – Distribution of Free Tickets by Thomas Hughes


FIFA U-17 World Cup is the tournament which gives the name of the future superstars. Many years past and through this platform, many of the superstars emerged. Many of the people love to see these stars and so the tickets of the FIFA U-17 are sold out so quickly.

But it’s the good luck of the people of the New Delhi that the Manchester City Community Coach Thomas Hughes suggested that tickets should be distributed free to ensure the good crowd at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

Hughes said on the sidelines of the “Premier League Skills Programme” on Sunday “In regards to the under U-17s World Cup if it is a 60,000 seater stadium and you think you will get 200 people, you’ re going to have to give away free tickets. Go to the local clubs. We‘ve had 60 coaches all from local clubs. Give them free tickets.”

He further said that in England and Wales distribution of free tickets happens. “In tennis clubs, for example, Wimbledon, the biggest tennis tournament in the world, probably give away free tickets to certain clubs. Now if you do that here you will see the benefit. Now if you do that here you will see the benefit. Kids with their parents will come to the stadium.”

FIFA on Sunday approved the request by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) to shift all the group matches of the Indian U-17 to the capital from Navi Mumbai.

Sutcliffe told LANS when asked about his experience of training the national coaches “The Indian coaches will take at least a decade to improve. Having said that we look forward to coming here every year to train them as a part of the program.”

The coach also said that the giving away free tickets was a tradition in the United Kingdom. “In England and Wales that happens. In tennis, for example, Wimbledon is the biggest tennis tournament in the world probably they give away free tickets let’s say in clubs. Now if you do it here you will see the benefits because kids with their parents will come to stadium watch football and entertainment. That’s why they will come.”