Forbes Top 100 Highest Paid Athletes Virat Kohli is the Only Indian


Virat Kohli is the only Indian cricketer who is among the latest list of the Forbes Magazine top 100 highest paid athletes. He is at number 89th on the Forbes list of top 100 highest paid athletes. Virat Kohli is the Captain of the Indian Cricket team. This list of Forbes Magazine is topped by the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo and the only female athlete in this list is the Serena Williams.

Captain Virat Kohli is the 28-year-old young and talented player of his team. He has been ranked 89th among the top 100 because with his total pay which is 22 million dollars and this includes dollar three million from salary and his winnings and the other 19 million dollars from endorsements. Virat Kohli remaines a favorite in the advertising world, and this talented man is with 17 brand endorsements.

The earnings of the Captain Virat Kohli are only less than one-fourth of the superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the topper of the Forbes top 100 highest paid athletes. His source of earnings is match fees, endorsements, IPL deal, and BCCI contract.

The amazing thing about this list is that it features athletes from 21 countries and 11 sports. Maria Sharapova who was the only female on this list and she was ranked 51 with the 27 million dollars did not appear in this latest list because this year her endorsements reduced due to the 15-month doping ban. The crown of the highest paid athletes is earned by Cristiano Ronaldo as always because of his earnings of 93 million dollars. The top five highest paid athletes after Ronaldo is the James and Lionel Messi with endorsements of 80 million dollars, Roger Federer with 64 million dollars and Kevin with 60.6 million dollars. The top five list is the same as the last year only James and Messi swap the places.

Forbes earnings include all the bonuses and salaries earned between 1st June, 2016 to 1st June, 2017. But the earnings did not deduct for taxes or agent’s fee and it not includes the investment income. This list only and only includes athletes active in last 12 months means a year.