Recently, new Delhi hockey team traveled with 16 young world cup players who shined in the women’s world cup after broken shackles during the game. Nevertheless, reports missed an exclusive fact that the Indian women team consisting of 15 players with 2 goalkeepers and Reena Khokhar who scored an international goal following India qualification to the quarterfinals.

According to reports from London, if India was considered in the first chapter, then the game changer would have worked on the opponents which could lead to tire or a defeat of the Indian team. Nevertheless, it was anticipated as usual that India would use a magical tactic in dictating the gameplay in the finals. In previous games, India used exclusive tactics in scoring the first goal so that they could dictate the entire gameplay throughout the game.

As the games kicked off in London, India stayed on track by ensuring that the butterfly hatched from the cocoon by using all the possible methods and tactics to qualify and win the world cup at large. As anticipated, Indian kicked off the tournament at a strong pace but after some matches, the Indian team broke shackles. However, Reena Khokhar did an outstanding performance by scoring an extraordinary goal which made India team to come back in line and pick up the initial pace.

According to the London reports from the games, the score made by Reena Khokhar from India was named the best international goal of the matches. During the game, Italy also qualified for the quarterfinals thereby meeting with the Indian team. On Tuesday the greatest match between India and Italy kick off. As expected, the India women dictated the game over Italy by improvising and scoring the first goal.

However, India team won against Italy by a score of 3-0. From the reports, the match pattern was diverted immediately Indian team scored. Nevertheless, the game between the two was the talk of the day considering the exclusive performance delivered by Indian players. Starting with poor performance in a game does not determine the final result. This was evidently from the performance and the win by the Indian team.