Nooyi to Start New Inning with ICC Board


Close on the heels of Indian women dominating in one day cricket comes the news of Pepsico chairman Indra Nooyi appointed as the International Cricket Council is first independent female director.

Indra Nooyi has been appointed for two years term and although she may be reappointed for a further two terms with a maximum six years consecutive period of service. The decision to appoint a was taken for improving I.C.C. governance. Nooyi has played cricket as a teenager and says she learned key lessons from the sport.

Nooyi stated that it’s honored to become a part of ICC as first female independent chairman. Further, she added that will be looking forward to starting work with ICC colleagues.

In June 2018, Noori will join the board executives and will be assigned with responsibilities. Last year, ICC approved that ICC’s Independent Director must be handled by the female as for improving the governance of the sport.

Shashank Manohar, International Cricket Council Chairman, stated that adding independent female director is one step towards improving governance. Indira’s appointment is fantastic news for the global game.