Outstanding performance in Moscow from Olga Danilovic grabs her the WTA title making her also the first player in history to scope the title as a born 20s. According to reports from Mosco, Olga Danilovic clinched the WTA title after an exclusive defeat of Anastasia Potapova after winning the overall sets by 7-5 and 6-7 which totaled to an overall of a 6-4 win in the 17-years old contest.

According to previous reports, Serbian Olga Danilovic is the luckiest player to clinch the WTA title even after the initial loss in the initial set. Serbian Olga Danilovic who lost in the first set never anticipated a win in the preceding sets. In world records, Serbian Olga Danilovic is ranked position 187 under the category of women players.

According to Serbian Olga Danilovic trainee, this win was a major breakthrough to Serbian Olga Danilovic and her career ahead. Winning the WTA title was the biggest achievement ever accomplished by Olga. Looking to this achievement, Serbian Olga Danilovic is not only the winner of the WTA title but also the youngest and the first youngest woman player to win the WTA title after losing in the first quarter.

Nevertheless, Serbian Olga Danilovic is also among the best player born in the 2000s. considering her age, she was the second player to win in the finals following the previous champion in 2015, Ana Konjuh who took the winning title in Nottingham. However, the 2015 champion Ana Konjuh did not scoop the WTA trophy.

Serbian Olga Danilovic, on the other hand, scooped the WTA title after smashing the former champion Sasnovich 6-2, 7-5 and 5-7. This was a record which was featured after the previous game whereby Nicole Vaidisova who was 18 years old smashed a 17-year-old Tatiana Golovin in Japan’s open which was held in 2005.

However, Potapova managed to smash and clinch the title by defeating Tamara Zidansek before she retired after putting a record which trailed for 3-6, 5-2 and 6-4 in the semi-finals which were held early on Saturday