Recent reports show that Paul Pogba, a France football star maybe locked out of playing again for Manchester United. According to BBC sports news, Paul Pogba is scared for re-joining Manchester United. This was released after France win against Belgium. From the reports provided from BBC sport verdict, Pogba currently is under pressure following his coming and going from Manchester United to France.

According to analysts, Paul Pogba is scared to play for Manchester united due to the previous transfer fee worth 89 million Euros. Considering the transfers the risk comes in with Manchester United fearing to sign in Paul. Nevertheless, France on the other hand according to Pogba may end his contract once he decides to play for Manchester United.

This is a devastating decision for Paul Pogba considering the two teams are giants. His fears comes in after making a mistake in the 90 minute play in Manchester United. At the moment, Paul is scares of making a similar mistake in Manchester United and this is the factor which determines his efforts in playing again which could led to a consequent result from the team.

From France news report, Paul Pogba has all the freedom he needs to play. According to the reports, in France the France play does all it takes to bring his best game considering all the mistakes he makes. Nevertheless, in Manchester United, the France play had no freedom. Playing for Manchester United has consequences. If he makes a mistake, he has to prevent a similar mistake from happening.

Shearer on the other hand in a statement in BBC sports said that Paul is free in a French shirt. This is basically because France is his native home team. In a French shirt he feels secure. On the other hand, in a United shirt, he seems scared of making consistent mistakes and this however would affect his performance in the united shirt.

This Sunday, Paul Pogba plays for France against Croatia or England more so Croatia face England in the semi finals this Sunday. Paul is expected to deliver an outstanding performance considering his freedom in France.