Sporting Solutions Introduces RMS


UK’s widely respected sporting group, Sporting Solutions launched its new service today called Risk Management Services or RMS. Sporting Solution is the B2B division of UK’s sporting group. Since 1992, the Sporting Group is highly regulated business and have integrity in the competitive market across the globe. There are also associated with World and the European Lottery Associations.

Danske Spil is the first client to utilize Sporting Solutions RMS. The sporting solution stated that its new vertical service RMS covers four important functions including risk management, price coverage, back-office operation and trading functionalities.

RMS supported by the Sporting’s trading software for better client scalability. RMS is designed to be agnostic with existing client technology stacks. The service has been introduced to cut the complexities around monitoring risk and challenges for operators.

Chief Executive Officer of Sporting Group, Simon Trim stated that RMS is set to boost the quality offering with the service as well as a business process outsourcing proposition unique to the marketplace.

Simon Trim delighted to welcome Danske Spil as the first RMS client. Danske Spil recognizes as one of the most liberal operators in the world and market leader. Risk Management Services will allow Danske to focus on their resources on offering differentiated.

CEO at Danske, Niels Erik Folmann expressed that the association of flexible trading tools, back-end operations, and flexible trading tools is different to the industry and RMS has the capability to strengthen business at a unique position.