Who else needs some time off work? I bet everyone does. So we started searching for the best places to spend three days off work. There are so many options, but we chose the closest, to avoid wasting hours of time driving. So we finally decided to visit Tagaytay City, the second Sumer Capital of the Philippines. It’s a popular destination for those who seek a panoramic view of Taal Volcano and the surrounding lake.

What’s better than waking up with the view of Taal Lake in front of you? It will always be the best for me. This is the perfect view to drink your morning coffee, right where you see the sun shines. By nighttime, lights from the city below flicker, as if reflecting the stars on the night sky. Who wouldn’t want that?

We settled at one of the best pads in Tagaytay, Wind Residences, and the reason for that is because we prefer a place where it feels like home. It has a living and dining room, full kitchen, and one bedroom at a reasonable price. There’s actually nothing more to ask for.

What’s more to that is the amenities you can take advantage of. In Wind Residences, they have a designated 360-degree common deck viewing where you can fully view Taal and Manila skyline. Literally the best place to hang out, take photos, and just enjoy the view.

Another is their Clubhouse, where you can take advantage of the basketball, badminton, and tennis court, to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. And what’s cool is that they have a pool table near the swimming pool area, so if you’re into that.

It’s really impressive that there is actually an access to almost everything—there is a grocery store right beside the condominium, cozy restaurants on the ground floor, fast food chains, and the shopping mall is less than five minutes away.

What matters the most is that you make the most out of the moment of your whole stay. Either read a book, wine and dine, anything to shut yourself from what stresses you and really take the time to enjoy your vacation because you all deserve it.