One of the reasons why most people fail in exams is because their learning methods are inefficient. I have seen so many people complained that they studied so well but yet perform poorly in exams. Of course, this always comes down to the method you adopted while learning.

The reason why you usually forget what you learn is that you have a mentality that you are learning just to pass an impending exam. The truth is that an exam is not the ultimate test of knowledge, if you truly want to learn faster and always remember everything you learned, you have to come up with the right mentality first.

If you truly want to achieve all those lofty life goals you have set for yourself, you will need to practice the skill of learning to have a chance at achieving them.

In recent years, cognitive science has taken a look at how people should actually learn and the result has been very revealing. We now understand the reason why you are struggling to gain a valuable skill that will help you achieving your life goals or doing well in school.

Whether you want to learn a guitar, a new language, or a hard subject such as economics, mathematics, and physics, this article will show you ways you can learn faster and remember more. Keep on reading to discover these secrets.

3 Ways to Learn Faster And Remember More

  1. Avoid Multitasking

When it comes to learning a skill, a new subject or a new topic, one thing you must understand is that your brain cannot handle two tasks at the same time especially if you want to store them.

Instead of multitasking for one hour, make out 25 minutes to focus entirely on learning. Let’s take for instance that you are learning to play the guitar or you want to understand a new topic in your economics, put your focus on the task at hand and ignore every other task.

When you focus on a particular task, it makes it easier for your brain to store and retain what you’ve just learned. Do this always and you will remember more after learning a new skill.

  1. Be Interested

According to research, having a positive mindset can help you excel and learn faster. Self-doubt and anxiety are toxic to learning. When you are disinterested, it makes it hard to learn or even remember what you learned.

Professor Alison Wood Brooks of Harvard Business School said that anxiety precludes one from exploring real solutions and real thought patterns that will come up with solutions. Instead, try to be more open-minded. You will be more successful when you are open-minded, optimistic, and interested.

Always try the power of positive reinforcement. You will see how tremendously you will improve when learning. This is clear from much of the feedback that successful students of top A-level economics tuition in Singapore have provided.

  1. Write Down What You’ve Learned

At Singapore’s top JC economics tuition centre, one trick we used to help our students is by asking them to write down what they learned. According to a research, writing down what you learn by hand will help to cement that information in your mind.

According to a 2014 study, students who made use of pen and paper in taking down notes learned more than those who made use of their laptops. According to these researchers, the physical act of touching pen to paper creates a stronger cognitive link to the material.

To this end, make sure you write down what you’ve just learned immediately after learning the skill. Another good trick is to take a nap, once you wake up, try and check if you can recall and write down the previous lesson you learned.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

When it comes to learning, nothing can take the place of consistent practice. A soccer player becomes better by practising, so does a driver and a singer.

Don’t be a procrastinator. When you want to learn something new faster and remember it easily, make out time to practice what you learn until you master it. Take for instance you learned a new topic from an economics tutor, keep on practising that topic and solving solutions until it is engraved in your mind.

You can try to learn by practising the same thing repeatedly but differently. By actually doing something new over and over again, your brain wires new pathways that help you do this new thing better and faster.


You can learn anything you set your mind on. The important thing is to ensure you have a positive mindset and right attitude towards learning. Once you have them, it becomes much easier to learn and to remember what you learned.