Tight Watch Over North Korean Athletes at Olympics


    More than twenty athletes become the part of the Olympic game are the focus of unusual amount of attention and it is not for their performance. Team North Korea is under the watchful eyes of reminders likely for fear that they might defect.

    There are twenty-two athletes competing in the three sports includes hockey, Ski racing, and skating. While the players from the other countries can just wander around freely though North Korea can’t.  The athletes always followed making it almost impossible for them to defect.

    The athletes coming to the Olympics if Gun Chang have a privileged place in North Korea society. There among the few allowed to travel out of the country, but they are closely watched.

    The idea of North Korean athletes defecting is certainly something that people talked about. Athletes are always being spotted with their handlers, it seems like a group of people. The other athletes such as American figure skaters, Canadian and Russian don’t have so many people around them. According to the information of the source, no North Korean athletes have never defected at the Olympics. Being an athlete in North Korea is a perilous profession.