Twin Sisters Help Lead Team to Victory


Sweet victory at the Olympic team USA. Women’s hockey team takes home gold for the first time in two decades. 38-years later the women’s hockey team accomplishing a miracle of their won beating the fiercest rival. Women’s hockey team defeated Canada in a shootout, 3-2.

The incredible twins Monique Lameroux-Morando and Jocelyne Lameroux-Davidson helped the USA team win in Olympics. Twins are training from last four years for the one game and amazingly surprised everyone with gold.

Monique tied the score on this breakaway sending the game into overtime but Canada who has a gold medal in women’s ice hockey for the past twenty years wouldn’t relent forcing a shootout and that’s when Jocelyne took a page out of sister’s book. Scoring the winning goal for the US with her signature move much to Monique still liked.

The levers grew up in the North Dakota and inherited the sports team from their parents. Some of the players from USA team crying after their win holding up American flags. Canada takes his silver.

At Olympics Lindsey Vonn went into this solemn portion of the combined downhill event in the lead but skeet off course sending her chances for another Olympic medal. Gold Medallists Jamie Anderson adding her medal count winning the silver in big air snowboard.  Anderson fell on her third attempt, but top two scores are under a silver medal.

Jocelyne Lameroux-Davidson said, “It’s been a dream come true to do this”. Further, she added that it took huge dedication, and both pushed each other from childhood. Both contributed same for the victory and have prepared for this over a couple of days.

USA team will stand out forever for their play on the ice, as well as for their ability to battle for parallel rights.