USSC’s New Volleyball Camp Opens in California


    World’s largest sports camps network in the world, Nike Volleyball Camps ready to make its new presence in California. It is an exciting new addition to the camp network of California. The camp will deliver quality expert volleyball training to those kids who want to make a career in the sports. The camp will be directed by Kinsey Ross, also directed the Nike Volleyball Camps at Fairmont Preparatory Academy.

    Vice President of Nike Volleyball Camps, Siera Love said that Nike Volleyball Camps excited to collaborate with Kinsey Ros to bring talented Volleyball players at American Sports Centers. Further, he added that the camp is specially formed to develop players capabilities and they will have fun at the camp.

    California’s summer volleyball camp accelerated towards players of all skill levels and it will create the opportunity to enhance significant mechanics using games, the mix of drills and competitive play.

    USSC or US Sports Camps is America’s largest sports camp network and the licensed operator of Nike Sports Camps. Since 1975, it has started offering summer camps for kids to develop their skills in the sports which will help their career to be in shape. US Sports Camps have its presence in San Rafael.



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